FL Studio – TB Midi Stuff template – New King edition

The New King celebration edition is no longer available. See for the current TB Midi Stuff templates :

TB Midi Stuff Templates

On 30 April the new king of the Netherlands (Willem Alexander) will be crowned! To celebrate this, you can temporary download the performance template, New King edition,  for FL Studio 10.10 beta and 11, directly from this website.

The New King edition is fully functional (not crippled) and comes together with a quick start guide.


FLS - TB Midi Stuff - New King edition

iPhone control templates for FL Studio

IPadTouches ported his TB Midi Stuff control templates for FL Studio to the iPhone screen format. These templates contain a subset of the controls in the templates for the iPad screen format to make them usable. The ported templates are “Performance mode”, “Normal mode” and “Control”.

New and existing donors of the website ipadtouches.com will receive these templates for free.

More info : iPhone Control Templates for FL Studio

iPhone Performance iPhone Normal1 iPhone Normal2 iPhone Control1 iPhone Control2

Gross Beat effect template for FL Studio available

Gross Beat is a real-time, audio-stream playback, pitch, position and volume manipulation effect in FL Studio. Gross Beat stores audio in a 2-bar rolling buffer controlled by 36 time and 36 volume mapping envelopes for easy beat-synced glitch, stutter, repeat, scratching and gating effects.

Gross Beat FL Studio

IPadTouches made a TB Midi Stuff template to control this effect in realtime with your iPad. The Gross Beat template is part of the updated suite of control templates for FL Studio.

Gross Beat template TB Midi Stuff

More info  see :  Gross Beat template for FL Studio


TB Midi Stuff 2 template for FL Studio available.

The new TB Midi Stuff app, version 2, has a lot of new features but it sells for less than € 5.

I made a template for it. With this template, the TB Midi Stuff 2 app and your iPad you can control the new performance mode and the normal mode of Fl Studio (10.6 beta and above).

People who donated some money in the past, or will do it now, are supporting the website IPadTouches.com and the development of (free) templates and articles. They will receive the template for free.

More info : TB Midi Stuff 2 template for FL Studio

FL Lemur – Tweaking code for performance improvement

FL Lemur, the (i) Lemur template for controlling Fl Studio with your iPAD, in action with improved code for performance. [EDIT] Now available as Public beta 4 !

In this video you can see how it is performing on an iPAD 2.

More info :  FL Lemur – Tweaking code for performance improvement