MK2OtherWay is a (software) midi controller that is placed between your Novation Launchpad MK2 and your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation like FLStudio).

MK2OtherWay can send other midi messages to your DAW than the received midi messages from your Launchpad MK2. MK2OtherWay can send chords (36) and Program Change midi messages.

The Ableton Push controller has been the inspiration for the scales (24), the layouts of the 64 pads (8 x 8 matrix) and the color feedback when playing.

Password to download (without the quotes) :  “I consider a small donation”

See the orange “Donate” button on the top right (above the ads).


MK2OtherWay — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, I have downloaded your program however it doesn’t work. I think it is because the name of the “LaunchPad MK2” is different on my computer, is there a way to get this to work? In loopMIDI I made a cable called “LaunchPad MK2” and it worked. Is there a way to enter a manual name?

    • No, currently it can only changed by me.

      What is the name of the LaunchPad MK2 on your computer?
      Be aware that the program only ‘ll work with the Launchpad MK2 (= different from the original or other Launchpads).

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