MidiLayers V2

Make your own one finger realtime orchestra with MidiLayers V2!
Play your virtual midi instruments live with less effort.
Ideal for experimenting with music, soundscapes, chords, strumming and non conventional styles.

Watch the video in HD quality by using the Youtube quality settings button.

V2 has a new built midi engine with an individual strum time per note. Up to 16 input notes at the same time. As every layer can output 5 notes in theory Midi Layers V2 can play 2 * 5 * 16 = 160 notes at the same time. This should be sufficient in practice as you have just 10 fingers. I have made extra effort to improve the “playability” and “touch responsiveness” of playing.


  • Application that is placed between your midi keyboard and your digital audio workstation (DAW) like FL Studio, Waveform or Ableton Live  (with one of more virtual midi cables like LoopMidi).
  • Two independant (midi) layers with adjustable midi channels, midi output(s), lowest input note and highest input note.
  • Split keyboards configurations.
  • 36 presets for chords for each layer.
  • Five “notes” per layer with adjustable transpose, velocity and strum time settings.
  • Multiple simultanious outputs to connect your midi (virtual) instruments with (free) virtual midi cables like LoopMidi.
  • Selective pass of Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel and Sustain midi messages (per layer).
  • Adjustable Midi CC (Control Change) to Program Change message conversion.
  • Adjustable Midi CC (Control Change) to another Midi CC  conversion (Wildcard CC conversion).
  • Adjustable output Midi CC for the Mod Wheel (to control other parameters).
  • Adjustable output for Midi Thru.
  • Saving and loading of the configuration.
  • Saving and loading of (custom) chords (transpose, velocity, velocity curve and strum time for every note of the layer).
  • No Windows register changes, no install needed.

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