LaunchLayers (old)

11 Macro Play 2

Have you ever felt the need of expanding your Novation Launchpad with keyboard macro’s, that operate in conjunction with your existing midi programs and assignments?

The PC program “LaunchLayers” is your solution! LaunchLayers operates as an invisible layer with keyboard macro’s. Every keyboard macro can hold multiple keystrokes and can be assigned at every pad/button of your Launchpad. Your Launchpad will operate as usual but now with the addition of the assigned keyboard macro’s.


  • All pads / buttons of your Launchpad can contain a keyboard macro.
  • Every keyboard macro can consist of multiple keystrokes.
  • Use your Launchpad as usual with the (midi) programs of your choice.
  • User friendly “programming” of your layer with keyboard macro’s with your Launchpad (with visual feedback) and your PC keyboard.
  • Saving and loading of your keyboard layer (all your keyboard macro’s)
  • Possibility to temporary disable the keyboard macro’s.
  • Portable program, no installation or register changes.
  • No need for additional drivers or software.
  • No modification of your Launchpad.

How to obtain the “full” version?

Use the download link below with the password : “I consider a small donation”.


1.  Unzip LaunchLayers in a folder of your choice.

2.  Connect your Launchpad with your PC:

01 Dev Launchpad connected

3.  Be sure that your Launchpad is working correctly;    you should have installed the basic Novation driver for your Launchpad or the Automap software before (only for the “older” Launchpad).

4.  Start LaunchLayers, you should see something simular to this:

02 Launchpad connected

5.  If you see something simular to this, then close LaunchLayers, verify that your Launchpad is working correctly and restart LaunchLayers.

02A Launchpad not connected

6.  Press “Record Keyboard Macro’s” . You should see this:

03 Record Keyboard Macro

04 Dev Record Macro 1

7.  Press the pad / button of your Launchpad that you want to “program”:

05 Dev Record Macro 2

8.  Type your keystroke sequence to program the pad / button:

08 Keyboard

9.  Press another pad / button of your Launchpad that you want to “program”:

07 Dev Record Macro 3

10.  Type your keystroke sequence to program the pad / button:

08 Keyboard

11.  Press “Stop Recording Keyboard Macro’s”:

09 Macro Play mode

12.  Your keyboard macro’s are now available at the pads / buttons you have programmed. There is no visible feedback on your Launchpad in the “macro playmode” so that you can use your keyboard macro’s in parallel with other (midi) programs:

10 Macro Play 1

13.  Start your (midi) program of your choice thas uses your Launchpad:

11 Macro Play 2

The program on your PC that has the focus will receive the keystrokes if you press a pad / button with recorded keystrokes (keyboard macro).

14. (Optional, only full version) You can save your keyboard layer (macro’s):

12 Save keyboard macro

15.  (Optional) You can temporary disable the keyboard macro’s:

13 Keyboard macro disabled

16.  (Optional) You can load a keyboard layer (macro’s):

14 Load keyboard macro