How to animate effects in Hitfilm with your music

I like to let things happen with the flow of music. What is nicer than a rhytmic video that seems to interact with music. If you have the same interest as me regarding this, maybe reading this can save you a lot of time and ‘ll let you have more fun with Hitfilm.
Atomic particles animation can be driven by an audio layer in Hitfilm 2 or 3, but this is almost all there is. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could animate an effect parameter of your choice in Hitfilm by your music? In an article (pdf), you can download below, I try to explain my workflow to do just that with free tools from the Queen Mary University of London and from myself.

Here is a video of the general concept of my workflow.

With the link below you can download my article with more details.
Password : “Merry Christmas”.

You can download my tool “Hitfilm Keyframes importer” in the Hitfilm section of my website(published before). It contains documentation for the tool as well.

Below you can download my tool “Beats Keyframes Converter”. It contains documentation for the tool as well.
Password :  “I consider a small donation”.



Merry Christmas and have fun!