Hitfilm keyframes importer

Hitfilm is a powerful and userfriendly application with 2D and 3D compositing and effects features. The only thing I missed was the possibility to (bulk) import keyframes data from an external text file for animating a parameter of my choice in Hitfilm.

Here you can see what I mean :

The “bulge effect” is driven by keyframe data imported from a text file.The data for the keyframes were generated by another program that can detect (and export) “beats” in music.

Another example :

The same data of the “beat” positions in the music is used to animate a “Hue colorize” effect (parameter “Hue Strength” 0 – 100 %).

Hitfilm can import and export a composite shot as a “hfcs” (Hitfilm Composite Shot) file. I did some  “reverse engineering”  of the “hfcs” file format for the keyframe type that has 1 value (not for the X,Y,Z positional keyframes). After that I made a little application that can substitute a keyframe of a parameter in a hfcs file with (many) keyframes imported from a text or csv (comma separated) file. So now you can expand your creativity and avoid boring manual bulk  actions by importing keyframe data in Hitfilm. What about generating keyframes for animation in Hitfilm with the formulas of a spreadsheet like Excel?

You can download my “Hitfilm keyframes importer” below. In the download you will find a readme file with important instructions and more details.

Use for the download the password : “I am human” (without the quotes)

Have fun!