FL Studio – TB Midi Stuff 2

TB Midi Stuff is a much cheaper App than Lemur. Version 2 has a lot of new features, so I was able to port my FL Lemur template for Lemur to TB Midi Stuff 2. I added several other templates as well for iPad and iPhone. The iPhone templates are subsets of the iPad templates.

With these templates you can “jam” your music and samples in performance and “normal” mode in Fl Studio 11.

See for FL Studio settings the quick start manual.

Use the download link below with the password : “I consider a small donation”

Canvas snaphot of TB Midi Stuff with 3 templates.

Performance mode template iPad.

Control template iPad.

Normal mode template iPad.

Grossbeat template iPad.

Gross Beat template TB Midi Stuff

FPC template iPad.

MidiStuff FPC bank A

Performance mode template iPhone.

iPhone Performance

Normal mode (1) template iPhone.

iPhone Normal1

Normal mode (2) template iPhone.

iPhone Normal2

Control template (1) iPhone.

iPhone Control1

Control template (2) iPhone.

iPhone Control2

Video :

Website of the TB Midi Stuff app : http://www.thiburce.com

Index manual :

Manual FLS TB Midi Stuff - V1.1A