FL Studio – IL Remote

Image-Line Remote, IL Remote, is a WiFi, programmable touch-based MIDI controller application that can automatic connect to FL Studio and Deckadance 2.

It is really plug and play.
An example of the tight integration of IL Remote with FL Studio is the performance grid (clip launcher). It shows the actual names of the clips (like Ableton Live).
You can create your own control templates (layouts) with multiple pages from scratch with the predefined configurable controls or you can modify existing templates.
Templates (layouts) can be shared.

The developper, Pierre M. (ShiniKnobz), did a great job by coding IL Remote as a user friendly but flexible app., availaible for iOS (iPad) and Androïd.

In the past I made my own template. It has the following pages (tabs) :

Performance mode
IL Remote Performance mode
Gross Beat
IL Remote - Gross beat
Normal mode
IL Remote - Normal mode
IL Remote - Control
IL Remote - FPC
IL Remote - Mixer
Harmonic grid
IL Remote - Harmonic grid
I made 2 versions, one optimized for and tested on an iPad 2 (iOS, screen resolution 1024 x 768) and one optimized for and tested on a Nexus 7 (Androïd, 1280 x 800).

Image-Line Remote is supported by FL Studio since version 11.04.

You can download my template for free (password: “I consider a small donation”) :

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