Fl Studio beta – Lemur

What is it and what can you do with it?

IPadTouches Fl Studio – Lemur beta 4 is a (i) Lemur template for the performance mode (and “normal” mode) of Fl Studio 11. In the current Fl Studio beta there is native support for Lemur, the liine Lemur controller type.

With the template you can “jam” your music and samples in performance mode in Fl Studio. In the normal mode you have control of editing and the advanced transport functions. Just have fun with playing!

You can download my Lemur template for free. If you want to support the development of templates and you want to encourage me, you can press the “donate” button and place a “Facebook like”. Use the download link below with the password : “I consider a small donation” .

The template is not tested with the hardware Lemur.  My template is as it as and I am not responsible for anything if you are using my (i)Lemur template. By downloading the template you fully agree with that.

I have recentely tested it (again) with Lemur 4.0 on a iPad 2 with iOS 6 and FL Studio 11. Although the overall stability of the new Lemur 4 (now with built in editor) seems to be not perfect, I discovered no problems with my template.


It is just a template so you can upload it in iLemur on the iPad the usual way (f.i. iTunes). See the picture below for the settings in FL Studio (midi port 141, liine Lemur) .


  1. Use a (Wifi) ad hoc network between your computer with FL Studio and your iPad. It is more stable than connections via a router and it has no noticable lag.
  2. Use 2 virtual cables (f.i. Cable1 and Cable2) from loopMidi to connect (i) Lemur to Fl Studio. LoopMidi is free and has the same author, Tobias Erichsen,  as rtpMidi.
  3. Use the Lemur “Daemon”. If it is running (in the background) you don’t need to configure it directly. You can configure it in the Lemur app on your iPad too, see picture below.
  4. For “quick and dirty” you only have to use rtpMidi with (i)Lemur.
  5. Use the most recent versions of (i) Lemur and the Lemur daemon.



Imageline FL Studio 11 (demo) : http://www.image-line.com/downloads/flstudiodownload.html

Lemur for iPad : see itunes store

Lemur editor and daemon  : http://liine.net/en/support/lemur

loopMidi (and rtpMidi) : http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/loopMIDI.html

Known issues.

It is a beta template. “Beta” means that there could be bugs and not everything is implemented.

Beta 4 in combination with the newest FL Studio 11 :

  • No known issues.

Beta 4 in combination with FL Studio 10.6.1 beta :

  • No known issues.


From beta 3 to beta 4 :

  • performance improvements (fast touching multiple pads)
  • some minor changes

From beta 2 to beta 3 :

  • change from TouchOSC emulation to native Lemur support (redesign)
  • added TAB with Sliders controls, AutoX, AutoY, LockX and LockY functions
  • added TAB with transport and edit controls
  • hold function for the “Scene”, “+ Scene” and “Global snap” controls (double tap)
  • colors and visual feedback
  • “clean” loading of the template without firing unwanted midi messages
  • bug fixes and little improvements

From beta 1 to beta 2 :

  • you can slide your fingers to trigger more pads;
  • touching a “not used” pad will stop the events of a row (like the last pad of a row);
  • the last pads of the rows look different to emphasize that they are “stop” pads;
  • better emulation of the behaviour of the TouchOSC template;
  • solutions for some (potential) bugs.