FL Studio Android templates

The apps Lemur and TB Midi Stuff are still not available for the Android platform. At last there is a (relative) user friendly solution for making our own midi controller on an Android device : TouchOSC for Android. The new paid version of TouchOSC can load your own templates.

I ported my Lemur / TB Midi Stuff template for the performance mode of FL Studio 11.

The resolution of the template is 1280 x 800. This should work amoung others with Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I have tested the template with TouchOSC for Android version 1.9.1 and a (Asus) Google Nexus 7.

For the template to work you have to configure in FL Studio your midi controller type (input and output) as “liine Lemur” on port 141.

Because of the (current?) limitations of TouchOSC for Android (or of me?) you can not slide your finger from one pad to another pad without raising your finger. It is possible with the Lemur and TB Midi Stuff templates. These are the better choices on an iOS (iPad) platform.

FL Studio Performance mode template for Android

You can download the beta template with the link below. Password : “I consider a small donation” .

If you want to support my work and want me to motivate to make more templates for the Android platform, please feel free to donate with the orange “donate” button.