FFEasyRender for Filter Forge V1.1

FFEasyRender is a (free) GUI based (background) renderer for Texture and Effect filters of Filter Forge.

It stays on top of other windows so it is possible to use it together with Filter Forge. It is possible to interactively define render tasks, add these render tasks to the (virtual) render queue and then to render the complete render job with the render tasks in the background. You can select multiple presets to render. You can select 1 or more source images to render when the filter is an effect filter.

Tested with Filter Forge 4, 5 and 6. If you use Filter Forge 5, please update to version 5.007 or higher. The commandline renderer of Filter Forge 5 before version 5.007 had some severe bugs.


Current version: 1.1
Changes from version 1.0 to 1.1:
– support for (64 bits) Filter Forge 6;
– extra option to shut down your PC after the renderjobs have finished;
– some bugfixes (updating default values after “New Render Job”).

Password to download (without the quotes) :  “I consider a small donation”

Paypal donate :



FFEasyRender for Filter Forge V1.1 — 4 Comments

  1. Would be a nice program if the eye hurting green 00FF00 Horror GUI would be changed to an ergonomic flat color – or simply use the system color.

    “I consider a small donation” !

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