FFEasyRender for Filter Forge V2.1

FFEasyRender is a (free) GUI based (background) renderer for Texture and Effect filters of Filter Forge.

It stays on top of other windows so it is possible to use it together with Filter Forge. It is possible to interactively define render tasks, add these render tasks to the (virtual) render queue and then to render the complete render job with the render tasks in the background. You can select multiple presets to render. You can select 1 or more source images to render when the filter is an effect filter.

Tested with Filter Forge 4, 5,6, 9 and 10 (beta).

Current version: 2.1
Changes from version 1.2 to 2.1:
– support for FilterForge version 7-10 (beta);
– added a dialog on start asking to start a new render job or not.

Password to download (without the quotes) :  “I consider a small donation”

Paypal donate :


FFEasyRender for Filter Forge V2.1 — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for you awesome bath Render V2.0

    It is very easy to use and works perfectly.

    I have sent you a small donation.

    Best wishes to you and your family and keep up the great work.

    Paul from Australia.

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