About IPad Touches

Intelligent Pad Touches, IPadTouches

IPadTouches.com is a independent website dedicated to control almost everything with touch devices as an iPad, a Novation Launchpad or an Android device (Nexus 7, Samsung tablets). You can find some (free) templates, tools / gadgets and programs I developed.

Because this is my hobby website I don’t follow “the rules” : strong focus on a limited amount of subjects, elevator pitch messages, marketing, intensive interaction with my target audience, frequent use of social media, etc.

This website is not commercially driven, but eventually I will not be motivated to share my “creations” if anyone just downloads.  So if you want to encourage and support me you can donate some money with the orange “Donate button” at the right (above the ads).


What is nicer than to jam and make music, or noise, with the touches of your fingers! What is nicer than to control your programs more comfortable without RSI?

With the midi and the osc protocols many music programs can be remote (wireless) controlled.

Popular apps for remote controlling programs with an iPad are TouchOSC and Lemur. Both have editors for Windows PC’s. With version 2 TB Midi Stuff  is a “fully featured” app. It is cheap and it has an editor built in the app. You can program / script almost everything with Lemur. It is a derivative from a professional hardware product, the Lemur controller (it used to cost something like $ 2000!) . In my opinion it has the best overall performance with “fully loaded” templates. The downside of iLemur is that it is relative expensive and the learning curve for programming is a little bit steep. With version 4 Lemur has a built in editor too.

The Novation Launchpad is a relative cheap but solid hardware product. It is popular in the Ableton Live community. My Launchpad came even bundled with a light version of Ableton Live. Other programs like FL Studio are supporting it too. Because the technical reference guide is available for everybody “software programmers” can do almost everything with it.

If you have an Android tablet like the Google (Asus) Nexus 7 or an Samsung Galaxy Tab you can use TouchOSC for Android to make your own custom “touch” midi controller.

Image-Line Remote, IL Remote, is a WiFi, programmable touch-based MIDI controller application that can automatic connect to FL Studio and Deckadance 2.

Hitfilm is an approachable program for (video) effects and video content creation. The standalone has a 2D and 3D composite workflow. The effect plugins (HF version 3) integrate with Vegas Pro (12 and 13).

Filterforge is a program that can act as a Photoshop plugin  (filter) or as a standalone. With this program you can use (Filterforge) filters of the huge (> 10.000) filter database for free. With the professional version you can make and share your own filter creations in a GUI based workspace. A filter can  be an effect filter or a filter that generates a texture (background).

Have fun!